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Pregwell Tablets

Only A Healthy Mother Can Produce A Healthy Baby.

Multivitamins And Minerals Are Essential Throughout Pregnancy.
Pregwell is a unique multivitamin and multimineral American formula enriched with Omega 3 fatty acids.

Omega 3  Helps in brain and visual development of baby during prengnancy
 Iron  Prevents iron deficiency anemia in mother and fetus
 Folic acid  Prevents neural tube defects in fetus
 Calcium  Essential for healthy bones and good muscle tone of mother and fetus
 Zinc  Prevents complications during delivery
Choline, Lutein,Biotin  Essential for a healthy functioning brain, hair, nail and sight.

PREGWEL is a-Unique multivitamin and multi-mineral formula that assures appropriate supply of nutrients to pregnant mother and fetus.

PREGWELL can safely be started from the very first day of pregnancy.

Pregnant ladies One tablet daily

As advised by the healthcare provider.

Pregwell tablets are available in a blister pack of 30 tablets.