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Trufer Syrup

Answer To Iron Deficiency

Iron is the most common type of nutritional deficiency in the world. Iron is required for almost 200 biochemical reactions in the body like energy production, immune activity, oxygen transport, making hormones, neurotransmitters, DNA and many more.
A wide range of people are iron deficient, including vegetarians, menstruating or pregnant women, athletes, adolescents, the elderly, people with poor gut health and those taking certain medications (e.g. oral contraceptive pill, aspirin, proton pump inhibitors, steroids, antacids and anti-coagulants)
A healthy balanced diet replenishes depleted iron stores in the body.  When a person is low in iron it can be difficult to consume enough to return iron stores to normal from the diet alone. This is why oral iron supplementation is commonly recommended to increase iron stores.
Trufer syrup contains Iron bisglycinate which has a unique molecular structure that ensures maximum availability of orally administered Irion at the site of absorption unlike conventional iron.
Trufer syrup

    • Rapidly increases hemoglobin levels
    • Has remarkable GI tolerability
    • Does not stain teeth
    • Has proven clinical efficacy
    • Has pleasant taste


 Adults 1 teaspoonful twice daily
 Pregnant ladies  2 teaspoonful twice daily
 Lactating mothers  2 teaspoonful twice daily


1 – 3 Years ½teaspoonful  daily
4 – 6 Years ½ teaspoonful twice daily
7 – 12 Years 1 – 2 teaspoonful once or  twice daily

As advised by the healthcare provider.
Trufer is available in a bottle pack of 120 ml.