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Trulax Syrup

Advanced Natural Solution For Constipation

20% of world population suffers from constipation. 50% Adults and 30% children are main victims.

Trulax Syrup is a combination of natural digestive stimulants recommended for the management of common digestive disorders such as disturbed bowl rhythm. It stimulates the endogenous digestive enzymes, helps in digestion, absorption of food and defecation.
Trulax Syrup is a unique clinically proven formula which provides advanced solution to relieve constipation.

 Ingredients Pharmacological action
 Dihydrophenylisatin  Aids in regular bowl movement
 Sorbitol  Increases fecal moisture content for easy defecation
 Senosides A&B  Known stimulant laxatives
 Dietary Fibers  These soak large amount of water to soften hard stools


  • Occasional Constipation
  • Actual & Chronic Constipation

Trulax Syrup is not known to have any side effects if taken as prescribed.
Trulax Syrup can safely be taken throughout pregnancy.


 Adults  15-30ml
 Children (5-10)  10ml
 Children (Under 5 years)  5ml

Please consult your physician to prescribe the dosage that best suits the condition.
Trulax is available in a bottle pack of 120ml.